Apostle Jeremy LaBorde


Apostle Jeremy LaBorde was born again at the age of seven at Swartz Baptist Church in Swartz, Louisiana. Throughout his youth, he recognized God’s call on his life to minister the gospel.

At the age of nineteen, Apostle LaBorde surrendered his life to follow the call and to serve in his local church and has ministered the Gospel since.  He served as a worship leader and a youth leader, and he was trained in the Ministry of Helps.  Over the years God has continued to develop Apostle LaBorde’s gifts as a psalmist and guest speaker, flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and ministering as a percussionist unto the Lord prophetically. Whether it is to an individual, or an auditorium of thousands, Apostle LaBorde ministers fresh revelations and truths from the Word of God with encouragement and love.  He is an accomplished singer and songwriter and has won numerous vocal awards. God has used Apostle Jeremy’s music to minister to Christians and non-Christians alike.

In 2004, he and his wife, Tamara, founded Gloryland Church in Crawford, Texas. The church continues to be a light and draws people from the surrounding areas. Through conferences, revival meetings, concerts, Apostle LaBorde is spreading the Gospel in a way that is reaching people and changing lives. The anointing of God on his life ministers to people wherever he goes.  In February 2015 Gloryland Church moved to Waco Texas. There are now Gloryland Church ministries in Waco, Texas, McGregor, Texas, and Bridgeport, Nebraska.

He has committed his life to building foundations:

  • Sharing the love of God,

  • Bringing people into salvation,

  • Training them to walk by the Spirit,

  • And, Preparing leaders in God’s kingdom.

He also facilitates mission teams by way of conferences, outreaches, training seminars, and crusades throughout the United States, Italy, Germany, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa.