In 2014, 48 million people were in poverty.

Of those, 15.5 million were children and 4.6 million were 65 and over.

JLMI has a vision to help feed struggling families, both physically and spiritually.  We will be a provider of food to families that are struggling to put food on the table.  We are partnering with to provide boxes of food at no charge to families that are in need, while ministering the Truth of God’s Word to build their faith.

Would you please join us in this fight against hunger for those in poverty?

Our first goal is to provide 200 boxes/mo.

Then, 500 boxes/mo, and 1,000 boxes/mo.

Just click on your monthly gift amount below to help us get started TODAY!




If you want to give a one-time gift, or a larger amount just click on this link and thank you for helping us to reach families in need…


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