In Honor of

Evelyn Carroll

From Evelyn Carroll:

Greetings Friends and Fellow Believers!

I want to let you know what a blessing you are to the vision of JLMI Ministries! This is the year for new beginnings for our school in Kenya! For the past six months, I have witnessed major upgrades to our school facility, curriculum and spiritual organization of which you are part.

  • New School Name: Premier Christian Schools Matisi 

  • New School Uniforms: red and gray ; Mascot : Lion

  • Facility Renovations: freshly painted buildings and classrooms, concrete floors smoothed and painted, new cookhouse chimney, a new flagpole, new teacher desks for classrooms

  • New digital learning system installed: Kenyan online curriculum televisions in each classroom

  • New Kenya Primary Curriculum based on teaching the whole person including interests such as art, music, dance, sewing, cooking, planting a garden, making useful products from natural (jewelry, baskets, furniture, water containers)

  • New Faith-Based Curriculum: Who You Are in Christ, Salvation, What It Means to Follow Christ; Praise and Worship, People of the Bible, Weekly Scripture, Prayer

  • Weekly Motivation: Cleanest Class Award, Class Stars: Recognition of 3 Students 

Class Teachers: Recognition of 2 Teachers (chosen by students)

I will be returning to Kenya September/October. We need New Curriculum Books for Classrooms, Office Supplies, 15 Bibles (Swahili and English) for teachers, Classroom age- appropriate children’s Bibles; Classroom Teaching Aids. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

In honor of Evelyn Carroll and her passion for the ministry you can make a donation to help her legacy continue. Just click the link below.